Medical & Asscessment workshop @ Foot care and Chiropractic #2


We have received the sponsor from Pedorthic Technology Limited for regular checkup for our small free of charge. This is the third one already.
This time Dr. Lee ka-yu, a chiropractors, performed vertebral examination and assessment for small angels. Foot expert Daniel Pang took care of the foot and helped to select the appropriate insoles for us. We also have Wing Yan, from foot orthopedic division took care of the spine correction stent. Once again, thanks to Agnes and all the co-workers for the heartful arrangement and professional assessment. Although it has only been a few months, we have noticed the obvious improvement of the small angels.
For the sake of strengthening the care of spine, in addition to the examination, Miss Dark Yuen, a sports therapist, was invited to provide a lesson on sports therapy, teaching us simple health care actions and correct posture. It is glad to see that all the members of angel families are so devoted and so happy in learning.
By the way, a group of medical students from Hong Kong Open University showed up for volunteer visits. Care and love…. start by taking action .
Everything is beautiful, just because of you!

Date : 25-09-2016

Time : 14 : 00 - 17 : 00

Enquiries : / +852 5125 8111