Prenatal Talk on Rare Genetic Disease Uncovered by Gene Decoding


"Angelman Syndrome" is classified as a rare genetic disease by medical profession, but in fact there is always a misunderstanding of this disease name.
Angelman Syndrome is derived from DNA gene mutation with 97% of the patients are not inherited by the maternal or paternal inheritance. But all DNA lesions will be classified as "genetic diseases", thus the chinese names are translated as " genetic diseases ".
HKASF actively works with medical teams and organizations in different sectors in organizing medical seminars to enable the community to recognize and pay attention on rare patients. Recently, together with Dr. Ko, a doctor in Obstetrics and Gynecology, we attended the seminar organized by Health Plus Magazine to provide prenatal talks for parents. Through increased awareness and understanding of the public, it is helpful in raising attention and the needs for those patients with rare diseases. Maybe one day when more resources can be sought we can say no to the diseases caused by mutation!

Date : 10-08-2016

Time : 19 : 30 - 21 : 00

Enquiries : / +852 5125 8111