Seminar at University of Hong Kong


Besides having an enthusiastic cabinet team which works hard for small angels and families, HKASF also possesses a strong team of advisers, putting their great efforts in promoting Angelman Syndrome.

Date : 01-03-2017

Time : 15 :30 - 17 : 00

Venue : HKU Space

Enquiries : / +852 5125 8111

Two HKASF medical genetics advisors, Dr. H.M. LUK and Dr. Brian CHUNG arranged for us to take a visit to HKU School of Professional and Continuing Education and provided us a chance to give a talk to a group of senior medical staff.
Besides introducing Angelman Syndrome and HKASF to the audience, as angels’ parents we also shared the mental course of taking care of little angels, and our expectations to health care workers. As Mr. Chung said, sharing and exchanging are always the best way to learn.
HKASF will continue to work hard and spread seeds with humble hearts!