Fundraising Events

The 180th Anniversary of Marine Region of the Hong Kong Police “Dragon Boat Cross Harbour Charity Parade”


The charity parade will also serve to raise funds for the Hong Kong Angelman Syndrome Foundation which
provides support to persons suffering from Angelman Syndrome and their families. For the event a limited
edition dragon boat charity singlet has been designed and any donation over HKD$180 will be awarded with
a singlet as a thank you gift. It is hoped that 180K (HKD $180,000) can be raised to mark the 180A of
Marine Region.
If you would like to support the charity event, please contact ATSROs of respective Marine Divisions or the
office of PCRO MPDIST. All donations over HK$100 will be tax deductible.

To celebrate the 180th Anniversary of Marine Region of the Hong Kong Police, “180 years: Safeguarding
HK Waters - Community Engagement and Charity Day” will be held at Marine Regional Headquarters
(MHQ) on Saturday the 19th of November. To get things started on the morning of the event the Marine
Police Dragon Boat Team will hold the “Dragon Boat Cross Harbour Charity Parade” which will see the
team and members of uniformed groups paddle Dragon Boats 8km from Kowloon Public Pier, the pier
formerly used when Marine Headquarters was in Tsim Sha Tsui to its current headquarters in Sai Wan Ho.
On arriving at MHQ the weary paddlers will be met by members of various community groups who will be
participating in various 180A commemorative activities all of which will serve to recognize Marine Region's
partnership with the community and how it plays a key role in safeguarding Hong Kong waters.

Date : 19-11-2022

Time : 0700hrs -1400hrs

Venue : Victoria Harbour

Enquiries : / +852 5125 8111